Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rysbrack Plaster Equestrian Statuette of William III, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

The Plaster Equestrian Statuette of William III.
circa 1732 - 36.
Michael Rysbrack.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.
On loan from Hull City Museums and Art Galleries.
 Plaster Statuette of William III
692 mm including the base
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.
Photographs David Bridgwater.

This statuette was first recorded on display in the Wilberforce House Museum, Hull in 1927.
At the time it was believed to be related to Scheemakers lead statue of William III in Hull but close examination reveals it to be a version of Michael Rysbrack's equestrian bronze of William III in Queens Square in Bristol.
There was an identical cast in the collection of GK Beaulah, Hessle, Hull which had previously been bronzed but had been recently gilded (Eustace 1982).

Information from -

  Exhibition Catalogue - Rysbrack - City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, 1982. Katherine Eustace.
National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

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