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Horsemen on Rearing Horses a brief Survey. Marcus Curtius

Horsemen on Rearing Horses.
an excellent Survey of European Statues and images.
I have confined my researches on this blog mostly to English and Irish equestrian statues with a fairly static pose based on the ancient statues the equestrian Marcus Aurelius and the horses from St Marks Venice which most will be familiar with.
This website gives an excellent overview of the more dramatic statues and images of the rearing horse with rider. 
Here are a few images I have chosen which illustrate the legend of Marcus Curtius
from Livy's History of Rome.
Medallion of Francisco II Gonzaga by Bartulus Talpa. c.1530.

Münzkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Berlin

Description: Front: FRANCISCVS GON to MAR III [separation characters triangle]. Bearded bust of Clifford Gonzaga halblangem, wavy hair and bearded to the left. Back: VNIVERSAE ITALIAE LIBERATORI / / BARTVLVS / TALPA [separation characters triangle]. The nude helmeted Marcus Curtius with raised sword riding right into the blazing flames.
Comment: above perforated cast medal. -The representation on the back refers to the victorious battle against the French at Fornovo in 1495 and refers to the ancient Roman myth of Marcus Curtius Knight is aufopfernden for the welfare of the State.
Literature: L. Börner, the Italian medals of the Renaissance and Baroque periods (1450-1750). Berlin Numismatic research 5 (1997) 33 f. No. 71 TAF. 21 (this piece);
G. F. Hill, A corpus of Italian medals of the Renaissance before Cellini (1930) 50 f. 205 a TAF. 37 (this piece);
J. Friedländer, the Italian show coins of the fifteenth century (1430-1530). A contribution to the history of art (1882) 128 No. 2 TAF. 23.2 (this piece);
S. k. shear in: k. Christiansen - S. Weppelmann (ed.), Renaissance faces. Catalog Berlin (2011) 238 f. No. 91 with fig. (this piece).
For more information about the object, see here:

Concz Welcz or his school, Bohemia. 1535.
Image from Morton and Eden
Abraham de Bruyn
16th Century
50 x 47 mm
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Holland.

Anon. German signed I.B. dated 1529.
A 16th Century Milanese Helmet (Cabasset) depicting Marcus Curtius
Metropolitan Museum, New York.
A Helmet in the Kunsthistotische Museum, Vienna.
Depicting Marcus Curtius.
Archduke Karl II son of Ferdinand I of Habsburg Austria,1540-1590.
In the style Giovanni Battista Serabaglio or his workshop.
Milan c. 1550.
Georg Pencz  (? - 1550).
Hans Colleart (c. 1525 - 80).
Jaques de Gheyn (1565 - 1629). Christie's.
Hendrik Goltzius
An opportunity to post an image by Goltzius a particular favourite of mine.
Enamelled gold pendant set with an onyx cameo of the Devotion of Marcus Curtius, hung with a pearl. The cameo, inspired by the work of Francesco Tortorino, probably Milan, about 1600, the mount about 1650-1700. Enamelled gold set with a layered agate cameo hung with a pearl.
Victoria and Albert Museum.


Chimneypiece - du Jaques Androuet de Courceau
2nd Book of Architecture.
1520 - 61?
Cropped from above.

Etching - Wilton House
Relief of Marcus Curtius.

Society of Antiquaries of London Catalogue of Drawings and Museum Objects: Classical Antiquities

Giovanni Batista Serabaglio, Milan
Marcus Curtius signed Giuseppe de Vico
Marco Antonio Fava
 Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna,
H. 90,5 cm, B. 68.5 cm, L. 47.5 cm,

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