Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bust of Isaac Newton and Hogarth

The Bust of Isaac Newton in the Painting
By William Hogarth
A Scene from the Indian Emperor or
The Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards.

 Detail of the Indian emperor showing very clearly the Rysbrack bust of Newton

The Conduitt Bust of Isaac Newton
Michael Rysbrack
60 x 56 x 24 cms, the socle 12.5 cms
Earl of Portsmouth, Farleigh Wallop, Basingstoke, Hants. 

Sir Isaac Newton
John Faber Jnr.
c. 1733
312 x 242 mm.
This mezzotint is something of a conundrum in that it obviously represents the Rysbrack bust of Newton but we know that the bust in Queen Caroline's Hermitage in Richmond Park was by Guelphi (below) - now in Kensington Palace. How did the artist make this mistake?

For a great deal more on this bust and the other busts made by Guelfi for Queen Caroline's Hermitage in Richmond Park in 1732 see my previous post:

Stone? bust of Isaac Newton
Giovanni Baptiste Guelfi (1691 - post 1734 when he left England?).
c. 1731.
 Formerly in the possession of Alexander Pope (1688 -1744)
Bequeathed to William Murray who became the First Earl of Mansfield in 1776.
at Scone Palace, Perthshire.

This is the first version of the bust by Guelfi made for Queen Caroline's Hermitage in Richmond Park in 1732 alongside busts of Boyle, Wollaston, and Clarke.

The terracotta modellos of these bust were in the possession of William Kent, who left them to Elizabeth Finch - they have all disappeared.

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